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Paper size: A5
Color?: Black and White
Who is it for, pal?: Its for me!

Want to honour your cheeky Labrador? 

Love the way your cat lounges in the sun?

Or do you want to turn your backyard chickens into memorable wall art?

One of my most popular services, I create hand painted, colourful and realistic pet commission artworks on the Mornington Peninsula. I work from images that you send me, to immortalise your beloved pet on paper for you to treasure forever. 

Artwork can be colour, black and white, just face or full portrait :)

So, why me?

  • I work entirely by hand using fine-liner and watercolours.
  • All artworks are hand drawn onto cotton rag or paper using quality pigment ink pens and/or watercolour.
  • Legit cred: Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University.
  • I’m inspired by Victorian-style illustrations, intricate line work and joyful pops of colour.

Browse my custom pet drawings and paintings for inspiration. Artworks arrive flat packed in a cello bag with backing card, and/or gift wrapped in tissue paper! Or add a frame here

Email to chat about your ideas or get a quote for something else. Prices inclusive of tax and shipping within Australia. 

Please use the buttons to tell Emma about your artwork! :)


Ground rules! Please understand that in this service, i use photographs that you provide to create a portrait... Remember, i don't know you or your pet personally, so as much detail as possible about your pet is helpful when capturing him/her! But ultimately, i will choose a photograph that is best suited to become a drawing too. A fee will be charged if Emma has to re-draw the work (TBH it never happens, but tight timelines mean i dont have much room for error!) and any/all images that you send Emma are assumed to be accurate and current images of your pet... any questions please write!

Emma illustrated the "Guess The Doggy" game for Journey of Something!

Title Image commission in 2021 for The Designory: A2 Black and White Portrait of "Biscuit".

Frequently Asked Questions about Commissions

Can you tell me some more about the commission process Emma?

Sure thing! Once you purchase your artwork here, i'll hit you up for some images (as many as you like! You're very welcome to email them direct to me after purchase too and i will use the photos you send me as a reference to create an artwork!

I work in high quality pigment ink fineliners and/or the very best professional watercolours to create your commission by hand. I buy my cotton rag paper by the sheet, and hand cut each piece of paper for your artwork. To prepare the surface before painting, I then stretch the paper (a process of saturating it with water on a special painting surface to stop the paper from buckling) and then i get to work! Once the artwork is ready, i'll touch base with you to make sure it meets your expectations and we can make any adjustments if necessary.

If you've added framing, i'll send it to Dromana Picture Framing and they'll hand build a frame for it with locally milled Victorian Ash timber, using archival framing techniques.

Wanna chat more before purchase? Lets talk!

How long will my artwork take to create?

I generally take around 4-8 weeks to complete drawings/paintings - but it can depend what other projects i've got on the go. If you want an ETA before purchasing, please feel free to email the studio and I can advise! Also, very happy to work to specific dates if you give me plenty of notice (at least a month) - please write to me before purchasing! :)

Do you offer framing on commission works, and what are my options?

Of course! It's no trouble - Just like usual, hit up the 'custom framings' tab under 'shop' (or its linked in the description above) and select the same size frame as the artwork you're purchasing - the framer will do the rest!

Framing is something you need to consider carefully when purchasing an artwork, in terms of what you're comfortable spending - the bigger the artwork, the bigger (and more expensive) frame it requires to keep it safe. Glass type is up to you - we offer Art Glass as a premium and it is totally optional, but comes at a price - though, the best time to get it is for your originals. Standard glass is absolutely fine though - and you can opt for perspex if you're worried about it in transit (but i'd opt for glass if you can!). You're also welcome to purchase the artwork unframed, and add a frame later if you decide! Or it will be sent flat packed and you can frame it elsewhere too :) Up to you!

If framing with us, we advise you to select 'Matt Border' or 'Float Frame' style - i know these are the more expensive options, but the reason is because we strongly advise framing any original art in a conservation type style, where the glass isn't touching the paper. This preserves the artwork safely long term!

If you'd feel more comfortable sending it with a specialist art courier, we can arrange (but it comes at a high price - i otherwise ship art for free, or you're welcome to collect it from the studio!).

I want to commission you, but i want to add something extra in my piece, or commission something else

Thats cool! Let's chat about your ideas first to make sure we're on the same page. Generally, any alterations to what is described above will incur extra charges - but it's a case by case thing. Please email to discuss before purchasing!

Praise for Emma from happy commission clients

A3 Bouquet Commission

"Thank you so much for your patience and attention to detail in creating this piece for us! I will not hesitate to recommend you to all of my friends and family!"

Emily, NSW

A2 Pet Commission

"Thank you so very much. I cried when I opened it…. Well done, you have captured his look so magnificently. I am very happy with it"

Alicia, VIC

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