Want a table setting that sparks joy? To eat delicious food on a painting? To
decorate your office space? Whether it’s my best-selling Midnight Garden or the
pink tones of Olivia, these bright, playful and floral tablecloths are inspired by
foraged wildflowers, eccentric colours and nature’s bizarre forms.

As a florist-farmer, forager and lover of nature, each floral tablecloth is a print of my
hand drawn artwork. Original artwork is painted on the Mornington Peninsula using
fine-liner and watercolours, digitally printed in Melbourne onto cotton, then hand
sewn by clever hands on the Mornington Peninsula.



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The Sara Tablecloth

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Gatherer Tablecloth

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Sweetener Tablecloth

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The Midnight Garden Tablecloth

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The Botanist Tablecloth

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Jade Tablecloth Jade Tablecloth Jade Tablecloth
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Jade Tablecloth

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