Hello! My name is Emma and i am not very good at writing about myself. I like to tell people that i was 'designed' in 1991 because it makes me laugh (a bit). I was born in the UK but my folks had a mid life crisis and we moved to Australia when i was a baby Emma. I have grown up on the Mornington Peninsula since. As long as i can remember, i have befriended many cats, and spent every minute i can remember drawing things (dinosaurs, flowers, dinosaurs made of flowers etc). 

Naturally, i ended up studying art at university. I graduated my BVA in 2012 from Monash University, with a focus on interdisciplinary design & (figure & anatomical) drawing. I decided to try a more practical design discipline after that, and did a year at RMIT studying Interior Design but realised i'm much happier designing homewares than i am choosing them. I found that there was a bit of a gap in the market for cool animal artworks, and decided (sort of, accidentally) Illustrating and making little bits and pieces that were fun, but also nice representations of my animal subjects. This was a very natural career progression for me - i hand draw my artworks, print them in house and also sew all my own textiles (i have my fabric all printed locally too!). I style and photograph most of my own product shots too! I love it all. 

Over the years i've worked with many creatives; designing, printing, styling and laughing a lot at myself. Somewhere along the way, the eclectic, quirky pieces i was making formed into this pink cat brand you are viewing online right now (which i affectionately think of as 'pink koala shop'). 

You can find me most days in my studio at Commonfolk. I also make appearances at various markets, galleries, retails stores & workshop spaces. Always happy to chat (mostly about koalas or cats) so don't be shy! 

(You may also have noticed that i have a sense of humour. I like to keep it this way). Thanks for reading! : )


Penny is my adopted, chirpy white house cat. Penny is extremely photogenic but hates being filmed on instagram story. Penny enjoys eating ham and helping me write emails.