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Feedback and Questions:
I do endeavour to reply to everyone ASAP, please understand that my responses may not be immediate!
Commonfolk Studio # 3
16 Progress Street, Mornington 3931 VIC



Dang virus!! Covid has been a stressful time for all of us for many different reasons. At the moment, there are HUGE shipping delays (particularly with Australia Post - another reason i try not to use them...). It has been far from smooth for me to operate as usual with delays on packaging, fabric, framing and any other bits i need as usual to complete orders. As usual, i will be in touch if there is going to be a big delay with your order. Please understand i am not a huge company (just a girl and her cat currently operating from the living room) and i'm doing my best to get everything to you as fast as i can - but a lot of this is out of my hands! If i HAVE NOT been in touch with you about your order and you're worried about it, please feel free to drop me a line here x

Can I visit you in your studio/pick up my order??

Yes of course!! Best get in touch to arrange a time. Im usually in most week days but my one woman show life means I can work strange hours sometimes! If your order is paid for, I can also leave it with Commonfolk staff for you to collect :)

Donation/Charity Requests & Auctions

I get so many requests to donate my works for all sorts of (worthy!) causes. Typically I will only donate to charities that are relevant to me personally, or my business (this includes, animal charities & stroke or cancer fundraisers). Please bear in mind I will want formal letter about where my work is going, and I will need enough notice to organise something. Also, please don’t be offended if I say no!! I do my best but I can only afford to give away so much due to the amount of requests I get… x


Framing can take 3 - 5 weeks on average. This is pretty clear in all the product descriptions. If you absolutely need it for a certain date then PLEASE give me some notice!! It is possible to rush things through, and I always try to do my best for you, but I cannot guarantee... If you’re worried about a date you need it by, please get in touch BEFOREHAND and I will be able to estimate an ETA for you :) Framing is completed by Forman Picture Framing in Burwood - you are welcome to collect from them too if you’d like, just let me know :) 

Custom Artworks

Yes I can do a special piece for you! Fun! Please get in contact and give me as much detail about the project as possible for a quote specific to your job. If it’s pets, I have set prices/sizes online for these under “COMMISSION EMMA"

How does “pre-order” work? 

WELL sometimes while I’m waiting for artwork to be scanned, I open it up for ‘pre-order’! This gives you the best chance at getting your hands on the coveted 1st editions. Please bear in mind that pre-orders usually happen 2-3 weeks before the product is actually ready to ship.

I’m interested in becoming a Stockist!

Amazing!! Enquiries are always welcome. Email me direct or through the contact form!

Missing Orders… 

Mannnn once an order leaves my studio, I don’t have much control over its journey. Please understand this before contacting me about ‘missing’ things. Usually your order goes by courier and it is very easy to chase up or track (via Australia post can be tricker but again, we can usually track stuff. For international its REALLY hard to follow up and often airports will keep items in customs (for who knows why). Again, you’re better following up with the post/courier direct than coming through me!! But of course, I will help you if you’re worried about it :)

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