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Give your cute new friend a nice home while you’re at it! Emma now offers a custom framing service if you'd like to have your artwork arrive framed.  

THIS IS ADDITIONAL FRAMING TO YOUR NEW PRINT PURCHASE! PLEASE SELECT THE CORRECT FRAME SIZE TO THE PRINT YOU ARE BUYING :)  You need the same size frame as your artwork :) E.g. An A3 size frame, for an A3 size print - the framer will take care of the rest!
Custom framing is amazing - it’s hand built to fit your new artwork. 

Tasmanian oak borders are a simple, contemporary, and flattering way to frame a print while being at a more accessible price point. They don’t build an artwork out in size, and are perfect for tighter wall spaces. 

PLEASE NOTE: This style of framing is not considered ‘conservation’ framing and is NOT recommended for original paintings or drawings as the glass touches the artwork. 

Questions? hello@emmamorgan.com.au

Clueless about framing your new artwork? We gotchu!

Frequently Asked Questions About Framing

Which frame size do i choose for my print?

You need to purchase the same size frame as the print you're buying! So if you're buying an A3 print, select the frame you like in A3 - the framer will take it from there! :)

What style of frame is best for my artwork?

It may depend on price point, but also where you plan to put it and how much space you want it to occupy! These options have been designed by my framer and I with budget and aesthetic in mind - all of them will look good and suit my work!

Oak Borders are a simple, contemporary, and flattering way to frame a print while being at a more accessible price point. They don’t build an artwork out in size, and are perfect for tighter wall spaces. This style is only recommended for prints.

Matt Border/Window Mount frame option builds your new friend a frame that includes a 70mm white border around the edge of the print so the glass doesn't touch the artwork. This is a traditional, timeless style of framing an artwork, and a nice way to make an artwork appear larger on a wall. Suitable for original artworks and prints.

The coveted Float Frame is the most luxe way to preserve an artwork, and Emma’s personal favourite way to frame! It’s ultra contemporary and builds out your artwork to appear larger. The framer will build a flat box for your artwork to recede back inside - your artwork will be stuck down onto foam core on the base of the frame, and be surrounded by a white 70mm border. Very extra option for prints and optimal option for originals.

Should i get you to frame it or am i better doing that myself?

It's totally up to you! The answer also depends on what you want to spend (and i'd also add, whether it's a print or an original).

If you're going to spend bigger coin on an original artwork, then you absolutely need to have a budget in mind to frame it correctly to preserve it long term.

Prints on the other hand, while hold value in their limited edition, are not the same kind of precious as an original. But they are still on a delicate cotton rag and need to be handled carefully if you frame it yourself!

If it suits you better to find your own framer, or head down to Swedish flat-pack furniture store in search of a scandi-esque frame, that is a perfectly viable option. My prints are standard paper sizes and will fit inside readymade frames easily.

But obviously, my framing service is here to offer you an easy and high quality option (that secures and protects your artwork properly), so that there is no hassle for you to frame your new artwork and it just arrives ready to hang!

What's the difference between standard glass, perspex and art glass?

Standard glass, as the name suggests, is the most popular option for framing art and will do the job perfectly well!

Perspex is an acrylic based 'glass' option and is generally recommended for artworks that have to go on an adventure to join you at home - Perspex doesn’t shatter like glass can! But note, it's not indestrctable, it still can break (if we're both unlucky). Another pro of Perspex is that it will make your artwork much lighter in weight if you're worried about hanging it somewhere where you don't want to apply tooooo much extra weight!

Art Glass is the Rolls Royce of the 3 options. It’s museum grade, 70% UV resistant, and has no reflection - but it comes at a price! A good investment on a special piece of artwork.

Should i get the oak/ash, black or white frame?

We now use Victorian Ash timber (which is actually the Victorian version of the coveted Tasmanian Oak - identical trees, just grown in different parts of Australia) is an artisan grade timber that is grown and sourced locally. It’s contemporary, easy to style, and suits any of my artworks really well.

If black or white is more your jam, we have a Tasmanian Oak option that is coated in a special black or white paint several times, so you get the colour you like without sacrificing the high quality timber, or grain of the wood! 

I will preface this by saying, these are my opinions!! Get what you like!! But if you want my advice;

As above, when in doubt, go for the standard Vic Ash! It'll always look good, easy to style and suits all my works! Similarly, white frames suit most artworks perfectly fine too if you don't like the wood look so much or want the work to blend into a white wall better.

Black Frames on the other hand, while bold and chic, need to be selected only for artworks that can handle them - they are generally better on works that are predominantly black themselves or have a lot of dark in them. Some examples of works that'll handle a black frame - "Troy", "Dreamtime", "Deep Jungle", "Sanctuary", "The Botanist".

Are there extra freight charges for shipping a framed artwork?

Nope! If you live in Australia, it gets shipped for free to you :)

You're welcome to collect if if you want to as well!

If you are in a situation where you would be more comfortable sending the artwork with a specialist art courier, then it will incur an extra fee. Best email the studio, and we can quote for you as it'll depend on the artwork size and your location!

Can you ship a framed artwork internationally?

We can... but we don't recommend it! Only as its such a risky item to send in transit over a long distance (we are quite far away from everyone down here)...

Also note, if you do want us to ship a framed artwork internationally, be prepared for an extra shipping fee, which could be an additional few hundred dollars (AUD). (And the risk is with you).

Can you frame the commission/original artwork/print i got on sale too?

Of course we can! Same thing applies, just make sure you select the same size frame as the print size you're buying and we'll take care of the rest :)

I want to frame an A0 print, but i can't see the option here?

It isn't currently listed on here unfortunately, but the good news is that we can do it!

BUT! We can't freight it. It's just too big. You're welcome to collect it from the studio, or we need to arrange a specialist to courier it which may incur a fee! But feel free to email us and we can chat about it! :)