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This is a detailed guide written by Emma. It is to help explain each type of framing option available, and what suits which types of artworks. If you have any further questions, Emma is happy to answer your questions!



The Simple Frame: This is a modest, but contemporary style of framing that offers your artwork a simple, natural, Australian oak wood border. It is an elegant, high quality way to frame an artwork without the hefty price tag (Emma often frames her prints like this!). It is framed with standard glass, and can also come in white or black coated oak upon request. 

The Premium Frame: This is most coveted, luxe way to frame your new friend! Also known as the floated box frame (Emma’s personal favourite for her originals), this is the best way to preserve an artwork, and build it out to make it look larger. Forman will build your new friend a little flat box to sit in, with a natural, Australian oak wood moulding. Your artwork will recede back off the glass, surrounded by a 50mm white border, and the print will be raised up off the base for maximum impact. This frame comes with premium museum grade, UV resistant art glass which is reflection free, so you and your artwork can see each other clearly. Box frames are also available in black or white coated oak upon request.  

While Emma will be the first to insist that you should always custom frame work (especially original art!) to preserve it properly, prints are a bit of a different game. Even though Emma's prints are high quality and archival (hence the higher price!), at the end of the day, Emma believes that there should be flexibility with framing them. 
So what's the difference? 
Custom framing is amazing - it's handmade, it's built to fit your individual artwork & the acid free products used to hold your artwork in place, ensure that your new friend will stand the test of time. Custom framing options are all high quality Australian timbers & mouldings, and are framed by Forman Picture Framing in Burwood. You can frame with a simple coloured border, with a mat or coveted floating box frame. 
Readymade frames on the other hand are mass produced and built to a standard paper size - this means that housing your new friend can be a much more viable option, because it's a fraction of the price of a handmade frame - but you have to do this yourself, and the quality can vary depending on what you get. 

Emma no longer offers readymade frames online but recommends you check out the following places to purchase one (with glass):

- Frames Now (online & retail) have a pretty good variety of readymade frames in lots of colours and styles, and can also do custom framing. You can find them online or the franchises are located around Australia
- Brunswick Readymade (Melbourne warehouse) is a favourite of Emma's, and are professional framers that can frame your artwork in their shop, on the spot in one of their hand built frames. You can choose from proper oak frames or simple white/black mouldings.
Why get Emma to frame your artwork? 
Of course, framing is such a personal thing, and you may like to shop around and choose your own frame. That's cool. Whether you choose custom or a readymade frame, the bonus is, your artwork will arrive ready to hang! 
Artwork averagely takes up to 3 weeks to be framed. Emma will update you if there is a delay.
The Fine Print: While Emma has years of experience in sending framed artwork all over Australia, and takes the utmost care in packaging your new friend for its journey to you, there is always a risk of damage when glass is involved. The bigger the artwork, the bigger the risk. Emma does not have control over how your piece is treated once it leaves her studio, and sadly cannot cover the repair costs if a framed artwork is damaged during transit… but she can help you seek advice and/or re-glazing should you desire! 
Emma does not offer framing internationally though, because of the high risk of breakage. 
As rare as breakages are, if it would make you more comfortable to arrange your own art courier, or come and collect your artwork, that is perfectly fine! Emma can also have your artwork framed in perspex if you are worried about shipping glass (note, perspex is actually more expensive than glass!!). 


The most popular choice of framing. Oak is a simple, beautiful, light, artisan timber. It is a good quality wood that is easy to match with its surroundings, and suits any (literally any) artwork. When in doubt - go oak! 
Print recommendations for oak frame:
Most beautiful moulding for Emma's Australian animals, but will suit any artwork
Emma's favourite colour. The sweet baby pink moulding is not to everybody's taste, but definitely fun and a cool way to add a pop of colour to a black and white (or gold!) artwork, or to add a bit of discord to an equally colourful work. 
Print recommendations for soft pink frame:
Jardin, Sakura, I'm Only Sleeping, Leadbeater Dreams, Merry, Possum Magic
White frames are another simple option that suits any artwork. As Emma's work usually has a white background, it can make the work look fractionally bigger, as the white frame doesn't obviously define the artwork. 
Print recommendations for white frame: 
Will suit any artwork
While black frames are very bold, chic and sophisticated, they don't suit every artwork. A good rule of thumb, is to frame artworks that are predominately black & white (or grey!) in black. This gives the work a really graphic aesthetic, and defines the edge of the print very clearly, making it a strong focal point in a space. 
Print recommendations for black frame:
Albrecht, Deep Jungle
The most luxe way to preserve an artwork. The framer will build your new friend a little flat box to sit in, in which the artwork will recede back, so that it off the glass. The artwork is stuck flat down onto the backing board, and has a 50mm border around it. The box frame will make the artwork appear larger. This is Emma's preferred framing method.
Print recommendations for floating oak box frame:
Any art print looks magical framed like this - particularly if you want to make it look bigger and more expensive!