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Grumpy Jungle Queen Planter
Grumpy Jungle Queen Planter

Grumpy Jungle Queen Planter

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Grumpy Leopard Planter ♡ 


The "Grumpy Jungle Queen" planter is a medium sized terracotta pot, that is 14cm high & 16cm wide across. It has an emerald green coloured undercoat and features a hand painted leopard head by Emma, in baby pink. The rim of the planter has artificial gold leaf jungle leaves circling the edge. 


This is a hand painted terracotta pot. Emma has sealed it first, and painted the design in acrylic paint. Emma has applied gold leaf to it by hand. Each pot is unique due to the hand painted nature of it. If the planter is out of stock, please bear in mind while Emma can create a similar piece, it may not be exactly the same as what you see here! Please keep an eye on the planters for regular updates with new designs :) 

RRP: $50