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This is a set price for an A3 (420x297mm) floral bouquet painting

Emma Morgan is a formally trained artist who works by hand in a combination of pigment ink fineliner and watercolour onto French cotton rag. Emma is a trained florist at Peninsula Wildflower too, and loves to construct detailed bouquets. She will happily translate a photograph(s) you send her into a hand drawn artwork of some special flowers. Yahoo!

Please use the drop down tabs to tell Emma about what you might like your drawing to look like - if you’re not sure, its okay to let Emma make the call for you! The price doesn't differ depending on your requests. 

Whats next? [FINE PRINT]
Once you have completed the transaction, Emma will email you to confirm your requests (and any other details she should know before starting your artwork) and also to ask you to supply some images of your bouquet for her to use for the drawing (you're welcome to email photos etc to Emma once you've completed your order too!). 

This is a price for a painting, working from a photograph that you provide, not a custom composed artwork. For any other requests, please get in touch :)

Please note, Emma is a contemporary artist with a particular naturalistic style - it is an interpretation of a photograph of a bouquet. Please bear in mind, photographs are a different medium to drawings/paintings. Not all photographs work well as drawings, and it is in the skill and experience of the artist to select an appropriate image to work from. Emma can help make recommendations about what will work best if you’re not sure, but please understand that Emma assumes any photos sent to her are current photos that you like of the flowers you have, and you believe capture all of the details you're after. Additional fee’s will be charged to the client for any major changes made to Emma’s hand drawn artwork. 

For best drawing results, please try to send Emma as many photos as you can of different angles of flowers. This will make for a better drawing, but Emma can work with whatever you've got :) 

Emma can take 4-8 weeks to complete a drawing (depending on how many others she has to do!). A lot of work & time goes into these pieces - she appreciates your patience. If you need it for a certain date (its usually fine!) but feel free to get in touch prior to placing an order just to be sure. 

Your drawing can also be sent for framing upon request (this is an additional flat fee that will be quoted upon request). Emma will seek your approval before sending the artwork for framing. Once you're happy, Emma will send it to Forman Picture Framing in Burwood. The artwork will be floated in a Tasmanian Oak box frame to preserve it best and couriered to you at no extra charge. 

Of course, you're welcome to purchase the drawing unframed - it will be flat packed and shipped to you in a clear bag with card backing. 


Will you offer painitngs in oils too? 
...Sometime soon :) But not just yet!

Emma, why do you ask who it's for? 

Only for the sake of prioritising!! Since i am a one woman show, if you tell me this is a birthday gift for someone and you need it on x day, i will likely do it before a job that is a gift to yourself say where the timeline is more relaxed; its really just so i dont disappoint! :) 

I live internationally, can you ship a framed artwork to me? 
I am happy to quote for you and pack it accordingly (i would also recommend perspex instead of glass), but typically i would not recommend shipping a framed piece overseas! Ive had lots of experience couriering artworks (with glass) and i pack them well... but the risk is with you and i cant be responsible if it breaks in transit :( 

If you’re unsure of anything, or want to chat more about your ideas, please email:  ♡